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Children's Vision Assessment

(Image from Little Paul and Joe) 

It's a well known fact that eyesight and learning go hand in hand. We are therefore stating the obvious when we say that difficulty seeing the black board/white board/smart board, can impact on a childs learning.

Dertermining whether your child can see the board is the first step and a very crucial factor. However, during a children's vision assesment we also aim to answer a number of other questions.

- Is your child long sighted or short sighted?

- Are your child's eyes healthy?

- Do your child's eyes see equally?

- Do your child's eyes coordinate or work togethther?

- Does your child have a tracking problem, with their eyes?

- Does your child have a colour vision defficency?

These are all factors that can affect your childs ability to see, read and learn and can even influence things such as behaviour in the class room, posture and hand writing.

Children's eye examinations are covered by Medicare. You can make an appointment by calling us on: 9819 7090

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